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Acquisition. Growth. Transition. Exit.

Every milestone in business evolution takes deliberate care and consideration to execute. At each critical juncture, finance is the key component which can make or break the success of the business. For entrepreneurs and investors, understanding and applying the right type of finance and capital structure to keep business flowing at each step is crucial to the company’s success.

Equipment. Operations. Real Estate.

Each juncture in the pursuit of finance creates a stress point on business performance. Whether expanding its footprint, bringing in equipment or adding new lines of business, the financial responsibility of a company to meet customer, investor and employee expectations rests on the shoulders of a business owner and the corporate team. This includes getting the right financing package in place to develop, sustain and grow the company and book of business.

River Henge Partners provides over 30 years of experience in business development. Clients depend on the company’s expertise and ingenuity to find and deploy relevant solutions to optimize, expand or transition their business. Experience in a range of industries allows the River Henge team to design tailored solutions using various types of capital structures, management and technologies that fit and fill client needs.

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